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Fiber Optic Solutions

Fiber Optics Advantages for networking cabling systems:


  • Longer distances

  • Larger bandwidths

  • Zero EMI/RFI interferences

  • Isolates ground-loop issues

  • Longer life cycle

Fiber Optic Patch Cords

Fiber Optic Patch Cords

Fiber optic patch cables can be used for cross connects and work area connections.

NEWLINK fiber optic patch cables are available in both multimode and single-mode.


  • Long-life guaranteed performance

  • Zirconia ferrules

  • Variety of connectors

  • Mutifibers cords

  • Lenghts and Special designs

  • Modal conditioning

  • Special BIDs are welcome

MM 50um OM2
Multimode 50um OM2 Fiber Patch Cords
MM 50um OM3
Multimode 50um OM3Fiber Patch Cords
MM 50um OM4
Multimode 50um OM4Fiber Patch Cords
MM 62.5um OM1
Multimode 62.5um OM1Fiber Patch Cords
SM G652
Singlemode G652 Fiber Patch Cords
SM G655
Singlemode G655Fiber Patch Cords
SM G657
Singlemode G657Fiber Patch Cords

Fiber Optic Distribution Boxes and Accessories

Fiber optic distribution box

Fiber optic distribution boxes designed for standard 19” racks and cabinets providing flexible and secure fiber termination. Ideal for telecommunications closets and Data Centers.
These products facilitate the professional termination you have been looking for.


  • Large splices area

  • Wide bending guides

  • Frontal room for patch cords

  • Modular capacity

  • Variety of coupler strips

Rack mount Fiber Box 24-ports ST Ready (2 x 12 Unloaded ST plates). Comes with Splice Kit Tray
Rack mount Fiber Box 48-ports ST Ready (4 x 12 Unloaded ST plates). Comes with Splice Kit Tray
24-port Wall mount Fiber Box ST Ready. For SC add 28900xx
12-port SC/UPC plate (loaded) for 2670024 , 2670048 and 2681124
12-port SC/APC plate (loaded) for 2670024 , 2670048 and 2681124
12-port LC plate (loaded) for 2670024 , 2670048 and 2681124
12-port FC plate (loaded) for 2670024 , 2670048 and 2681124
Blank plate for 2670024, 2670048 and 2681124

Fiber Optic Connectors and Couplers

Fiber Optic Connector

Newlink offers several connectors, materials, and termination options.

  • Multimode and single-mode products

  • Excellent material's quality

  • Ultra-precise tolerances

ST-ST Coupler Simplex
SC-SC Coupler Simplex
LC-LC Coupler Simplex
SC-SC Coupler Duplex
ST-SC Coupler Duplex
ST Connector Multimode Simplex Ceramic
ST Connector Singlemode Simplex Ceramic
SC Connector Multimode Simplex
SC Connector Singlemode Simplex
LC Connector Singlemode Simplex Ceramic
LC Connector Multimode Simplex Ceramic

2670024 2670048 2681124 2890010 2890011 2890015 2890020 2890030 2890040 3580001 3580002 3580003 3580012 3580013 3580033 312167M 312168M 321175M 321176M 340088S 340187M

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