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NEWLINK Cabling Systems, Inc. is a global leader in the manufacturing of high quality copper and fiber optical cables and accessories for Voice, Data and Video transmission. Our solutions include products for Structured Cabling, Data Networking, Security and Control and Instrumentation. Our products are designed for Premise Networks, Enterprise Networks and Outside Plant.

With solutions available for fiber optics and copper Categories 3, 5E, and 6A, combined with all the accessories for installing, organizing and labeling cables, NEWLINK gives you complete peace of mind. Additionally we offer a line of Active Network Components that includes Ethernet Switches and Fiber to Ethernet Media Converters.

Our passive products have a Lifetime Warranty extended to all Authorized Distributors and Customers. Our Certified installations offer a NEWMAX 25-year Extended Performance Certification and Application Assurance.

NEWLINK supports its products through a network of Authorized Distributors and Authorized Installers in the USA, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Newlink products on pallets
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Why is Newlink a Complete Solution?

Our product portfolio includes everything needed for a successful installation, under the same brand and the same guarantee. Copper cables and fiber optics, accessories and connectivity products for communications infrastructure.

Newlink has been chosen in more than 600 projects successfully implemented over the last five years in Latin America and the Caribbean, in various sectors such as Government, Health, Banking and Insurance, Airports, Education, Industry and Commerce.

Our prices adjust to market needs and include an extended warranty of 25 years, Verified UL certification, and a portfolio of high quality products.

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Customer Satisfaction

We have a satisfaction rate of 95%, the highest in the industry, with satisfied customers by the quality of products, the service provided by our team, delivery, warranties and product variety offered

Certifications and Demand Generation Activities:


More than 100 Certification courses to hundreds of customers and demand generation programs developed with our business partners in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We offer immediate delivery of products from our distribution center in Medley, Florida.


Operating in each country, our Authorized Representatives offer specific local inventories to meet the needs of their markets. Our automated process ensures shipment accuracy.

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