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About Cat-8 Cable

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With a bandwidth of over 2,000 Mbps, Cat 8 Ethernet cables are one possible answer to the need for high speed data transfer. While fiber optic cabling is expected to outpace copper cabling installation in the future, there are still practical reasons to install copper cable over fiber optic cable among others, the high cost of upgrading your network to fiber optic cabling equipment.

Some of the specifications for Cat 8 Ethernet cable are:  RJ45 connectors, Bandwidth up to 2Ghz, Shield foiled twisted pair (S/FTP)/ 4 braid shield, Max Data Rate 40Gps, AWG = 24.

Limitations: Cat 8 cable has a maximum Permanent Link Length of 24 mts (78ft) and a maximum Channel Length of 30 mts (98ft).  This cable length is shorter than other categories (100 mts, 328 ft). Cat 8 cable is also quiet rigid and can be more challenging to install and terminate.

Applications: Data Centers and Server Rooms. Thanks to its RJ45 connectors, Cat 8 cable can connect to most standard network equipment.

OM5 Fiber is Here!


As the demand for bandwidth increases, the cost of fiber optic cables to support  next-generation Ethernet speed migration is also getting higher and higher. OM5 fiber was born to expand the advantages of multimode fiber in the data center.

The key difference between OM4 and OM5 is that under 4700 MHz-km, the EMB (Effective Modal Bandwith) of OM4 fiber is only specified as 850 nm, while the OM5 EMB value is specified as 850 nm and 953 nm  and the value at 850 nm is greater than OM4. Therefore, OM5 fiber provides users with longer distances and more fiber options. In addition, TIA has designated lime green as the regular cable jacket color for OM5, while OM4 is magenta. OM4 is designed for 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s transmission, but OM5 is designed for 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s transmission, which can reduce the number of optical fibers for high-speed transmission.

OM5 fiber can support four SWDM (Short Wave Division Multiplexing) channels, each one carrying 25G data  and uses a pair of multimode optical fibers to provide 100G Ethernet. Also, it is fully compatible with OM4,OM3 and OM2 fibers. OM5 can be used for installations in a variety of corporate environments, from campuses to buildings to data centers. In short, OM5 fiber is better than OM4 in terms of transmission distance, speed and cost.

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