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Newlink Cabling Systems
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Newlink Cabling Systems
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Fiber Optic Cables

Several cable constructions for your specific applications: Aerial, Ducted, Buried, Riser, ADSS, Distribution, Breakout, Armored, Double-jacket, Zipcord and other are available upon request.

Our selection of Multimode (50/125um or 62,5/125um) and Single-mode Fiber Optics include cables for:

  • LAN deployments
  • Campus
  • Long haul and Metro

    Special application designs and enhanced performances are available upon request.

  • Loose Tube Cables (Non-armored)
    Loose Tube Cables (Non-armored)

    This non-armored cable allows quick cable preparation and termination.

  • Ducted Outdoor Application
  • Loose-Tube Design
  • Flexible and Robust

    Designed for running cables inside conduit, ducts, and trays.

    P/N # Description
    9410XXX Loose Tube, Singlemode, OFN rated Duct cable
    9465004 4-Fiber Loose Tube Multimode 50um OM3 10Gb Outdoor
    9465006 6-Fiber Loose Tube Multimode 50um OM3 10Gb Outdoor
    9465012 12-Fiber Loose Tube Multimode 50um OM3 10Gb Outdoor
    9465024 24-Fiber Loose Tube Multimode 50um OM3 10Gb Outdoor
    94680XX Loose Tube, Multimode 62.5/125um, OFN rated Duct cable (4 and 6 fibers count)
    9469XXX Loose Tube Mulitmode 50/125um Outdoor (4, 6, 12, 24 fibers)
    Loose Tube (Armored)
    Loose Tube (Armored)

    NEWLINK Armored Fiber Optic Cables are the perfect choice for direct-buried installations when extra mechanical requirements exists.

  • Flexible Steel armored
  • Loose-tube design
  • Rodents protected
  • Easy and Quick installation
    P/N # Description
    9430XXX Loose Tube Singlemode Outdoor Armored (4, 6, 12, 24, 48 fibers)
    9480XXX Loose Tube, 62.5/125um Multimode, OFC Armored cable
    9481XXX Loose Tube, 50/125um Multimode, OFC Armored cable
    ADSS Singlemode
    ADSS Singlemode

    ADSS = All Dielectric Self-Supported

  • Aerial installation using poles and towers
  • Support sharing with electrical services
  • Isolation levels above 25 kV
  • Long Spans available 50 to500m
  • Prepared to Storm conditions by NESC
  • Eliminate risks from atmospheric discharges
    P/N # Description
    9440006 6-Fiber ADSS Singlemode Span = 100 meters
    9440012 12-Fiber ADSS Singlemode Span = 100 meters
    9440024 24-Fiber ADSS Singlemode Span = 100 meters
    9440048 48-Fiber ADSS Singlemode Span = 100 meters
    9449008 Newlink 8-Fiber FTTH ADSS Flat Singlemode G652D

    Practical and cost-effective solution for Aerial Installations.

  • Installation using poles or structures
  • Stranded Steel EHS messenger
  • Extra Tension capacity
  • MDPE rough jacket
  • Loose-tube design
  • Eight-shape cross section
  • Several Span designs from 30 to 150m
    P/N # Description
    94200XX Figure 8 Loose Tube Singlemode Fiber
    Tight Buffer Cables
    Tight Buffer Fiber Optic Cables
    P/N # Description
    9530XXX Tight-buffer Multimode 62.5/125um Indoor (4 or 6 fibers)
    9531XXX Tight-buffer Multimode 50/125um Indoor (4 or 6 fibers)
    95350XX Tight-buffer Multimode 50/125um OM3 10Gb Indoor
    Optical Fiber
    Optical Fiber

    All our fiber optics cable assemblies consist by mechanical jackets protecting a core element: the Optical Fiber.

    NEWLINK uses two kinds of optical fibers:

  • Single-mode
  • Multimode

    Multimode optical fiber has different performance codes and diameters. Some other special features are available.

    Custom made constructions are manufactured over request, thus minimum orders apply.

    P/N # Description
    MMOF-1 62.5/125um Multimode Fiber Optics
    MMOF-2 50/125um Multimode Fiber Optics
    SMOF 8.2/125um Single-mode Fiber Optics
    Newlink Cabling Systems
    Newlink Cabling Systems
    Newlink manufacturers the highest quality of copper and fiber optic cables and accessories for Voice, Data and Video transmission. NEWLINK guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and offers a comprehensive Lifetime product warranty combined with our 25-year Performance Certification.
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